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Replacement O-Rings for the HP 5971 and HP 5972

O-Rings for the HP/Agilent can be purcased directly from Agilent  but they can be rather expensive.  Now that the HP 5972 and HP 5971 is so old, finding the right o-rings can be problematic.

Here is a list of compatible orings.

We put together a kit but if you want to buy the o-rings individually here is a list of common O-rings found in the HP 5971 and 5972 GCMS system.  Go to  http://www.mcmaster.com/#o-rings  click on  brown viton fluoroelastomer o-Rings.

Through out the system you will find the KF-25 flange connection.  This for the 5971 transfer line, the calibration valve and the rough pump connections.  Buy the V320.

The large o-ring for the HP 5971 diff pump to manifold seal is the KF-50 seal.  Buy the V330.

The small o-ring for the "tee" that attaches the rough pump hose to the diff pump is the KF-10.  Buy the V312.

The small o-ring to attach to the small vacuum pump (typically the Edwards 1.5) is the KF-16.  Buy the V314.

The oring that seals the 3/4" Ion gauge tube in most of the mass spec systems is the same.  Buy the V116.

For the HP 5972 manifold o-ring, contact us directly.  We have them in stock.

Hope this helps.

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