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Unplanned stopping of a Chemstation run or sequence

Chemstation sequences are supposed to run without stopping until complete.  Ever set up a sequence only to find that it mysteriously stopped during the middle of the night or weekend?   If so, did you first think to blame the autosampler?


Here is how to overcome unplanned stopping.

Agilent (formerly HP) since way back in the NT4 days recommends that you TURN OFF all power saver, screen saver and sleep functions.  They found that Chemstation is more stable without these features enabled.  It makes sense, Chemstation - as an "Instrument Controller" is constantly checking on the status of the instrument, constantly communicating with the instrument !  In addition, it needs to collect data for hours at a time.  It can't do that very well if parts of it are asleep!

Check your Windows properties.

Check your Windows properties for the Monitor, Hard Drive and Ethernet Adapter,  they all have power  saver and sleep functions.   Be sure to check all three!

Begin by right clicking on the desktop and adjust the sleep and power modes of the Monitor and Hard drive.  Then go to the control panel and access the network cards (you may have more than one).   Also check to see if there are  sleep" functions on the USB.  Go to device manager, click on "USB Root Hub", there may be more than one.  Click on the tabs to find a sleep function, make sure it is turned off.  Check all other devices in the list, especially the HPIB interface.  Then reboot.

This tech tip might help you eliminate that ghost that stops runs in the middle of the night or in the middle of a sequence.

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