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Windows 7 Chemstation Upgrades

windows 7 chemstation upgrades

5973 Chemstation Upgrades

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Thermo and Agilent LCMS ESI Interface

CSS Analytical has many products to help your Agilent, HP & Hewlett-Packard GC and LC Mass Spec Instrument run newer, better, faster and able to last for many years to come. Check out our entire list of mass spectrometer upgrade products

Replacement O-Rings for the HP 5971 and HP 5972

O-Rings for the HP/Agilent can be purcased directly from Agilent  but they can be rather expensive.  Now that the HP 5972 and HP 5971 is so old, finding the right o-rings can be problematic.

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Get more life from your Hewlett-Packard (HP) 7673 Autosampler

If your Autosampler has run thousands of samples like mine, it might be a little sluggish these days. Here's how to PM your Autosampler system and maybe get another six to twelve months of continued use from it.

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How to clean and condition o-rings

Mass Spectrometry is a analytical technique that makes and sorts molecules based on mass.  In order to make and move ions, a sufficient vacuum is required.  In order to make a good vacuum, GCMS Mass Spectrometers need o-rings.

Most o-rings, once put in place are never disturbed and are good for years but eventually they need to be attended to.  Most are easy to get to and are inexpensive and can just be replaced.  Such as for the rough pump, diff pump, ion gauge, calibration valve, etc... 

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Customer Support

Technical Support Options

CSS Analytical handles a large volume of calls for support on HP and Agilent GC/MS systems. As support for these older systems is getting harder to find we continue to lead the field in support for these older Mass Spectrometers.  Click here for a list of our support options.

mass spec technical blog

In order to bring all our years of Mass Spectrometer technical experience to our customers, we have started a technology blog. Click here for troubleshooting tips and techniques.  Visit  this valuable resource often.