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News Letter for Agilent HP Mass Spectrometer and Chemstation Upgrades

January 1, 2018   Mass Hunter News

Data System Upgrades for Chemstation and Windows 7


Data System Upgrade for HP 5972, 5973 (5970, 5971, 89 & 88 too !) with Microsoft Windows 7. RUN ALL of your old HP and Agilent GC and GCMS systems on Windows 7 with GCMS Chemstation G1701.

Visit our web site for details and request a quote !


GC Chemstation (G2070) and Windows 7 for 5890


Keep your 5890 alive for another 10 years with our GC Chemstation and Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade. Click here for details !


Mass Hunter Workstation for 5973, 5975, 5977


Get your new Agilent MSD updated with Agilent Mass Hunter software.

Click here for details !


Windows 10 Coming Soon !


We know all there is to know about your MSD and how to make it newer, better and faster at a price less than 1/4 of what a new instrument would cost. Then, we'll help you support it for another five years. Replacement Metal Quads for your HP 5971 and HP 5972. Many customers are taking advantage of our Depot Repair service. Send us your Mass Spec or GC  (or major parts from) and we'll diagnose it at our shop, then send you a quotation for the exact amount needed to repair your instrument.


Visit our web site at www.cssco.com , for all our products and services.


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