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Agilent 5973 MSD GCMS System

5973 Lan Upgrade

CSS Analytical Eighty-X PX (c) Bare Bones Lan Upgrades for your HP 6890 5973 and Agilent 6890 5973 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Systems.   Upgrade your 5973 GCMS systems to a modern PC with full network connectivity and the very latest Agilent Chemstation.

History of the 5973 GC-MS System:

First was the 5973A, then 5973 Inert, then 5973N and now the 5975 MSD.  In the early days, the 5973s were still under the HPIB protocol.  That meant that the old tried-and true HPIB boards and cables were an integral part of the system.  HPIB was rather difficult to install but once in place was always  ROCK SOLID !  This of course required an HPIB board in your PC, an HPIB board in your 6890 Gas Chromatograph and Autosampler and also an HPIB board in your Mass Spectrometer. 

When networking  became common in the office, it naturally extended itself to the Analytical Laboratory.  For much of the same reasons that "network printers" became popular - so did "network instruments".   Here were the factors that drove the change:  Ease of set up and a common environment (IT personnel with Lan experience are easy to find... HPIB experience not so easy to find).  Communication by Ethernet is much faster and reliable.  Lan instruments can be  MUCH FURTHER away from the PC.  How many labs have instruments on one bench, but the PC on another bench across the isle or across the room ?   Ethernet made that  EASY !  Ethernet cables are much easier to route and much neater.  Then there is the dream of  WEB BASED instruments.   Not such a dream any more.  With the proper software and permission - I can run your instrument from far, far away (individual runs and sequences).  I can connect to your instrument and help you troubleshoot any issues you may have.  And even run remote diagnostics and fix your instrument over the web. 

With the advent of the 5973N ("N" stands for network) the instruments became LAN instruments. The PC, the Agilent 6890N and the Agilent MSD all came with Ethernet cards inside and included a Hub and Cat 5 cable. 

Here's how we do the Upgrade:

We basically put Lan hardware into your GC and MSD.  We advise you how to configure your Network card inside your PC, help you load new Chemstation software and make connections via a hub and Cat-5 cable.  Easy !

Why make this investment through CSS Analytical ?

Why ?  You can't get this upgrade from the manufacturer - Agilent Technologies Inc., any more !

Agilent used to sell this upgrade, but a few years back discontinued this upgrade package and now ONLY offers you a High Performance Upgrade package which costs about $15,000.00  With the high performance upgrade you get faster scan speeds and the ability to SIM and SCAN during the same acquisition.  For some, this is important - but FOR MOST, it is entirely unnecessary.  If your 5973 is sensitive enough and performs the job you need it to do, why spend so much money when all you need is new Chemstation and LAN connectivity ?

Upgrade your 5973 Gas Chromograph Mass Spectrometer systems to a modern PC with full network connectivity, a DVD burner, Flash drive, Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 and the very latest Agilent Chemstation.  Do it now while these parts are still available !

Our easy to install kit includes a new Multi-IO LAN card for your 5973, Lan card for the HP 6890, Hub, Cat-5 Cables and easy to follow instructions.  Have your older HPIB based 5973 6890 running on a screaming fast PC in less than a couple of hours.   Do it now for a price that is less than HALF of the alternative package.  Bring your perfectly good 5+ year old Mass Spectrometer into the modern era and allow it to run another ten to fifteen years.

Available for HP 5973 and Agilent 5973 currently running under the HPIB protocol.

Provide your own compatible PC or buy one of our bundles.  Install the upgrade yourself or ask for on-site installation.  Let us prepare a custom quote for you today !

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