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CSS Analytical hyperbolic metal quads upgrade

Hyperbolic Metal Quads

Here's how it works:

Your quadrupoles (quads) are an integral part of your mass spectrometer system.  Specifically, they are one part of the "Analyzer" which consists of a Source, the Quads and a Detector (electron multiplier).  The quads act as the "Mass Filter" for your Mass Spectrometer.  After the source makes Ions, the quads filter them out (very quickly) one M/Z at a time and your detector counts them.  The result is a Mass Spectra over time. 

In the OLD DAYS, quadrupoles were ALWAYS made of metal.  Then, when mass specs started getting smaller and cheaper (starting with the HP 5971 MSD) someone at Hewlett-Packard Company ("HP" back then) came up with the idea of extruding a quartz tube with four "lobes" which emulated the hyperbolic shape of the business side of the metal quads.  Then they PAINTED conductive silver paint onto those lobes making them fully functioning mass filters.  They made them by the thousands, tested them and kept the ones that passed.  They rejected the rest, melted them down and made more. 

This was brilliant !  Cheap, easy to manufacture and easy to replace if needed.

Well,   that was then, this is now !  Your HP 5971s and 5972s are now 15 to 20 years old.  And what happens to paint after all these years ?  It cracks and gets all scratched up !

Why make this investment ?

"Difficulty in RF Electronics" message got you down ?  Won't hold tune for long ?   Are your quads dirty and need cleaning ?  Did you try to clean them and only end up making them worse ?  Or did you drop or chip them while removing them ?  Try our new replacement metal quads with direct screw on connectors, no more push pins and springs.  No painted on metallic "like" surfaces.  Eliminate RF Problems entirely.

Replacement hyperbolic metal quads for your HP 5971 and 5972.... made here in Kansas.  Upgrade your old scratched and cracked painted quartz quads with our hyperbolic ground metal quads.  Send us your working top board, manifold plate, source and electron multiplier.   We'll use your parts just as is, with no modifications.  We'll mount our metal quads then tune them to your existing top board, burn it in and test, then send it back ready to drop in and run.  For less than  HALF the price that you might think !

Let us help you keep your 5971 and 5972 running another 5+ years. 

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