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LCMS Products

CSS Analytical has built our product list over the years to include items for the Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) technique.   The liquid phase of the mass spectrometry business is highly technical and specific in its needs.  CSS Analytical strives to stay on the cusp of this industry.

LCMS Products that we offer:

We do On-Site repair.  Call or email us for a quotation.  Our best means of repair for  you is our Depot Repair Service.  With this service you ship all or part of your instrument  to our factory. We'll check it out here and report back to you with an estimate before we do anything.  We can also help you with DIY instrument repair.

CSS Analytical offers FREE phone support via our toll free "800" number to our current warranty customers and to customers with service contracts.  We offer limited FREE email support.  Just send you questions to us, we're very good at responding to email questions quickly.  

From assemblies to refurbished boards and even complete machines, we have all the spare parts you will need to keep your instrument running for many years.

bullet-check-mark  Nano Spray Interface for Agilent LC MSMS - CSS Analytical TrueSpray(c) for Agilent LC MS MS Instruments.

bullet-check-mark  Nano Spray Interface for the Thermo LTQ - Two unique nano spray interfaces for the Thermo LQT mass spec line. 

bullet-check-mark  Hydrogen Dueterium Exchange (HDX) - HD Exchange system for proteomics characterization.  Fully automatic and priced for the small lab.

bullet-check-mark  1100 LC Upgrades -  Lan cards, new Chemstation and new PCs with Windows 7.

bullet-check-mark  1100 LCMSD Upgrades -  Lan cards, new electronics boards, Chemstation and new PCs.

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