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Depot Repair Service

Many customers are now taking advantage of our depot repair service. Send us your Mass Spectrometer, GC or LC (or significant portion) and we will diagnose your instrument at our shop, on one of our working instruments, then send you a quotation for the exact amount needed to repair your instrument.

Send us your MSD for repairs

We have found that it is often cheaper to repair the instrument by shipping it to us then it is to even step foot on-site at your location.  A trip fee often costs as much as $4000 (air fare, rental car and travel labor) to visit your location.

We have shipped many HP 5972s for under $160 each way.

Our bench rate is $150 per hour to inspect and repair your instrument.  We have all the parts needed to repair your instrument.  Often times inspection labor is charged at zero if you proceed with the repair.

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