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Spare Parts for Hewlett-Packard, HP, Agilent Mass Spectrometers and Gas Chromatographs

Parts for old out dated GC and GCMS instruments are getting more difficult to find.  We have many parts in stock for the HP 5971, HP 5972, HP 5973, Agilent 5973, HP 5890 and Agilent 6890 instruments.  We offer new, previously owned, and refurbished parts for many HP and Agilent mass spec systems.

CSS has many spare parts in stock available for immediate shipment.

The following is a partial list. If you need a board or part that is not listed please do not hesitate to e-mail us for availability. Prices include mandatory exchange of exact board.  We have many more boards that may not be listed, contact us for the part you are looking for!

These are LIST PRICES, contact us to see if our inventory levels will accommodate a discount. 

bullet-check-mark  5971 5972  - Mass Spec boards, parts and assemblies.

bullet-check-mark  5973  - Mass Spec boards, parts and assemblies.

bullet-check-mark  5890 6890  - Gas Chromatograph boards, parts and assemblies.

bullet-check-mark  5970 5988 5989  - Boards, parts and assemblies for older but still functioning instruments.

bullet-check-mark  Smartcards  - Mass Spec boards.

bullet-check-mark  HPIB  - Board that goes in the PC.  There are several versions.

bullet-check-mark  7673  - GC Autosampler boards, parts and assemblies.

bullet-check-mark  Miscellaneous Parts  - Miscellaneous boards, parts and assemblies.

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SPECIAL NOTE FOR SPARE PARTS AND ELECTRONICS SALES: Parts are subject to availability. Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping/Handling charges for all parts to and from the customer are extra and are the responsibility of the buyer, and will be added to the invoice amount. Price includes exchange of your repairable identical board.  Most customers must ship your board to us prior to release of shipment of the refurbished board.  Add $1100 (in most cases) if you do not have a board to exchange. For first time customers we accept Visa/MC or Paypal.

Because the rarity of these parts and pieces, there is no return policy for refurbished boards.  Every part is tested here before we ship.  We do not provide boards for your troubleshooting needs.

If you wish, you can send us your suspected "dead" board and we will bench test it to confirm its "deadness", and then sell you a replacement. Our bench rate is $150 per hour for inspection and testing.  Should you then wish to purchase a replacement board, we will normally forgo the bench test labor.  Ask for details. Troubleshooting advice is available as outlined on the support pages.

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