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HP 5971 and HP 5972 Spare Parts, Boards and Assemblies

Spare parts, boards and assemblies for the HP/Agilent 5971 and 5972 Mass Spectrometers. All are pre-tested and ready to install.  Exchange is required in most cases, contact us for details.  These are LIST PRICES, contact us to see if our inventory levels will accommodate a discount.

Main Board 5971$2250          Main board 5971

Main Board 5972$3450          Main board 5972

Top Board 597x$2250          Top Board

PowerSupply 597x$450           DC Power Supply

Price is for new style power supply only.  Old style to new style conversion, add $120.  Old blue tray and cables must be returned as exchange.

repeller kit$500           Repeller Kit

Price includes brand new 5973 style repeller with heat proof spacers, nut and washer for complete repeller removal and cleaning.

TooCold$125           Too Hot Sensor

Red wires, top sensor.

TooCold$125           Too Cold Sensor

White wires, bottom sensor.

Fan$145           Diff Pump Fan

Price is for fan only.  You will have to drill out the old rivits with a 1/8" drill bit then nut and bolt the new fan to your sheet metal holder.  Be sure to orient the fan to blow from inside of the case onto the pump.  Have us do it for you is an additional $150.

DiffPumpHeater$375           Diff Pump Heater

Price is for heater cartridge only with connectors.  You will have to remove the old cartridge.  Have us do it for you for an additional $300.

Xfer Line 597x$2200          Transfer Line

HeaterSensor 5971$450           Heater Sensor Cable 5890

HeaterSensor 597x$550           Heater Sensor Cable 6890

Manifold Seal 5971$150           Manifold Seal 5971, reconditioned.

Oring 5972$90            Manifold Seal 5972

PowerDistBd$3450          Power Dist. Board

Electron Multiplier$950           Electron Multiplier

TC gauge w Tee$550          TC Gauge w Tee

OringKit$180           O-Ring Kit

Filament 5972 5973$160           Filament 5972

Cal Valve 5971$750           Calibration Valve

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