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HP Agilent 5973 Spare Parts, Boards and Assemblies

Spare parts, boards and assemblies for your Hp/Agilent Mass Spectrometers. All are pre-tested and ready to install.  Exchange is required in most cases, contact us for details.  These are LIST PRICES, contact us to see if our inventory levels will accommodate a discount.

Main Board 5973$2850          Main board

LogAmp 5973$1250          Log Amp

TopBoard5973$2250          Side board

Electron Multiplier$950           Electron Multiplier

Repeller$250           Repeller

Filament 5972 5973$160           Filament

Oring 5972$90            Manifold O-ring

Cal Valve 5973$1850          Calibration Valve

Ion Gauge Controller$950           Ion Gauge Controller

Ion Gauge Bulb 5973$250           Ion Gauge Bulb

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